MMMm Salad!

Well it never fails, I try to eat clean but once Friday night rolls around I’m ready to devour some serious fried goodies and wash it down with iced cold beer or a Cadillac margi! The best way I know how to get back on track and lose all that belly bloat from the weekend sins, is by sticking with my favorite salad for lunch Mon-Fri.

Pre-cut and wash salad mix – my favorite is the super power blend featuring Kale, Chard and of course Spinach

Canned chicken – yes I know that is NOT considered “clean” but who has time to make a rotisserie chicken every other day!

Baby cucumbers

Pico de Gallo – get all your veggies; onions, tomatoes, cilantro, etc. already chopped and ready to top!

Avocado – an absolute must!! I can eat avocados every day with every meal!!

Lemon Juice – no need for any added fat or added sodium in a dressing!

Mix everything together and TA-DA! A super healthy, filling, cheap lunch that gets rid of belly bloat FAST!

Salad 2

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