Hey Bitch, you had major surgery, take it easy why don’t ya?!

In two days it will be seven months since having my full hysterectomy. I never think about it, unless I’m having a panic attack about how I electively removed my own organs. But then I remember the pain and problems my cystic ovaries caused me every single month and that the onset of uterine fibroids were starting and I calm down and become confident and positive in my decision again.

My recovery has been relatively painless and uneventful, which has helped in me forgetting I even had surgery and I’m free to do whatever I want. Until I can’t. Your body has a miraculous way of communicating with you, if you only listen. I have only one real risk post op; prolapse. Because I removed my womb along with my cervix, I am now at a greater risk for having my vagina fall out. I think that is the scariest shit I’ve ever heard of in my life! So even though I don’t think about my surgery, or even of drop dead Fred anymore (refer to previous post concerning drop dead Fred) I do obsessively worry about my vagina falling out.

As soon as I was given the go ahead I dove back into working out. I love working out and especially lifting weights. I used to be a cardio queen but not anymore, now its all about how much can I squat. I have been doing really well too, progressively working out more and lifting more. Well I guess that’s too much too soon. Even at 7 months out. Starting a #30dayJunechallenge with my workout partner. And by day 8 my body said no more – not severe enough or anything telling me to run to the ER, no that will happen if I get fever and start to bleed out, no this is the new normal. Sharp pains in the incision areas with cramping that reaches all the way to my back and up to my shoulders. A heaviness in my groin that only others who have endured the same procedure understand. Burning that takes over my entire abdomen and itching, oh god the itching! All the signs of healing. 7 months later. I expect the severe fatigue, the hormone fluctuations, since that’s a cocktail that takes some time to perfect, but the actual physical healing, from the most non invasive procedure, the most uneventful surgery and textbook recovery any one could ask for, lasting for months, to all of sudden bam a slap to face reminding me “hey bitch, you had major surgery, take it easy why don’t ya”

So I’m listening, I’m resting, I’m taking a break. “you hear that vagina? Don’t you dare fall out on me!”

For now, no challenges, no deadlines, no record breaking work outs. Just day by day. And with a megaphone attached to my stomach listening for any signs of trouble. Hopefully I can work out in a couple of days, but for now I’m taking it easy and recovering……still!

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