Chris, my honey who I am not married to for 20 years, and I are embarking on a new adventure.

Things are starting to get surreal. Well things have been surreal but engulfed in continuous stress hasn’t allowed me to sit back and reflect. Until now.

Politics is one thing, and we are very much down the rabbit hole, however, that is not what this is for or about.

I am not single faceted, I have a normal life, normal needs and wants, family, work and children. And that is what I am desperately searching balance for. So I’m going to try and talk thru my experiences. Forgive me if I jump around, leave out some info, talk in riddles, LOL There is a lot of back story that came to head last year and I’ll try to keep it cliff notes style.

We have been living in our house for 13 years, luck number 13. Bought in May of 2004 and sold it May of 2017. That was definitely not planned. We have loved our home and made so many great memories, however, we knew we would outgrow it. Not with people or children, but with animals and our ever-growing interest and need to become self-sustaining. Last year we felt the timing was perfect to put our house up and finally move to the high desert. Well the timing couldn’t have been worse. Chris’ mother fell ill and unfortunately lost her long battle on Dec 8th. I’m not going to go into details here because it is still traumatic for me and everyone involved. We fought so long and hard, Gayle, love and miss you! My dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer and ended going thru radiation in the beginning of the year, and now my poor mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Thru this we decided we can’t wait for the “perfect time” and put some work into the house, put it back on the market and within 10 days found our buyer! Well he found us, last year when we had first put the house up, but it just wasn’t right. I believe everything happens for a reason and this situation solidified that for me on so many levels.

On the other side, we went thru a journey until we found the perfect spot for the next chapter in our lives. Again, timing right!? I’ll get into the properties we bought in a future blog, probably the next one =)

This is about our final week in our first home together.

Everything is pretty much packed up, at least 90% of it. We will be living in our motorhome on our very good friend’s property until our house is done and ready for us to move in. Until then, all our belongings, 13 years of it, 2000 sqft which includes the garage of stuff had to be put into a storage container we bought. A 45’ high cube, maybe, I’m not sure. LOL

The house has been slowly getting packed up since January. Which as much as that was a great thing to do I found that I packed away much of what we used to cook with and have been living off pizza, fast food, frozen dinners, ugh! I guess you can be prepared only so much.

And now we are down to the final days. Have we forgotten something? In the garage where we’ve housed our quads and jet skis before selling to buy our rhino and boat. In the backroom where we have hosted every party imaginable; summer bbq’s, casino birthdays, Pirate Halloween, pool party graduation, every Christmas for the past, well 10 years at least. Not to mention the Friday night “get together”, Saturday beer and pool and of course 4th of July, Memorial, and Labor holidays! “Mazel Tov”

Too many memories to share!!

All the work that we put into our little 1950’s home. Opening the kitchen up and installing the central heating and air was the first thing on the list! Especially since we bought in May, right before summer and it was already hot!

Sleeping on the floor in one of the spare rooms until our master was done, with an en suite AND walk in closet?! How lucky am I?!  followed by Cierras/Guest room and then the Office/Closet room, finished with the back room. The house was just never going to be big enough. No matter how much I purged, reorganized, or even built out. It would never be enough. Especially since all the labor was courtesy of my honey and all he knew!

I believe there is a piece of everyone in our first home.

I will never forget that night, signing our docs all the way in Temecula at 9PM at night. I cried on the way home. Only 25 and with this huge responsibility. What if we can’t make the payment? What if we lose it? What if we have to go back to renting? 13 years and a roller coaster of a ride later, I will never forget Chris’ answer to me; “Then we start over, again. And again, if need be. There are worse things than renting again, as long as we have each other, we’ll find our way”

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