Phase II Week I – How much money have we spent?!

Temp view

My current view. Isn’t it gorgeous? Been up here for a week now, and I couldn’t be happier. Its challenging, there is no doubt about that. Having the open desert view, mile high sky and cool breezes (its wind LOL) has made living in the motor home just a little bit easier.

Living in the motor home – hmm do I need to describe in detail?

The challenge is going to be making it five months! Not only outfitting the rig for long-term, continuous use, but outfitting myself as well. Getting acclimated to the high desert. Going from house to motor home, city to desert.

Turning your holiday home into your temp home. High desert summer made adding an electrical air conditioner top priority, followed closely by hooking up a smart TV (Game of Thrones returns this summer)

I work full-time, in a corporate setting. Gotta keep up appearances. living in a motor home while maintaining “normal” life comes down to two things:

Prepare and Schedule

Prepare ahead of time and stick to a schedule. No one will then know you’re wearing the same pants two days in a row and haven’t washed your hair in three (HA!) if you take care of everything ahead of time! Night showers, laying out your clothes the night before and getting everything done on the weekends will save you from rushed mornings in cramped spaces. We all know how those mornings work out and its never fun or pretty.

Another thing I knew we had to prepare for; food! too much pressure and stress trying to cook healthy and organic. I needed to find  a company that will deliver fresh food already prepared at a decent price. after two weeks of research I decided upon First, they offered exactly what i was looking for; fresh, prepared meals delivered for a decent price. Freshly delivers up to 12 meals a week, never frozen, organic, 500 calorie plates for only $107.00/week. That comes to 6 meals for Chris and I. To not have to worry about “whats for dinner” after a full 9 hour day followed by an hour drive home, AND not wanting drive thru anymore, this service is priceless! Last night we had the pork tenderloin with potato pancakes, carrots and zucchini. We supplemented it with a salad and I couldn’t finish my meal. It was so good, fresh and filling!

Our first week was definitely exhausting. Had to buy some creature comforts and now just need to settle in! Just five more months, hopefully 😉


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