Pizza, Beer, 10 Acres

Well we are officially the very excited owners of 10 acres in the high desert!

We finally closed escrow. I don’t know why but I was under the impression that escrow would have been a lot quicker when you pay cash in full, but title took a while. There is a recurring theme throughout this process – patience!

It was patience that led us to our dream land. We started our official search in the beginning of last year. A journey that took us to DreamHood, Compound, and Adobe. Now for me, I already knew what direction I wanted to go in, but convincing Chris to buy land and build was going to be tough, and was going to take a year. We had 3 main criteria, like most people, Land, Location, House. Out of those three only 2 will be a forever choice, never able to change, and that is your land and your location. We were on the hunt. We would find the location but the land would be too small. We would find the right acreage but the location wasn’t where we wanted. We never found the holy grail, the trifecta. And each time I kept planting that seed of building our own home. I also starting the research process of how much it would cost and what it would entail if we did actually buy land and build. I talked to agents, lenders, builders, the City and the County. I mean, there is a reason 75% of the homes are custom built to order in the high desert! Once I compiled my research, Chris happened upon these two side by side 5 acre parcels. I’m telling you, the timing with this project, how everything is coming together, is meant to be!

Out riding his bike, Chris just stumbles upon the perfect location and the perfect acreage, no house. But I was already armed with information and costs to build. Finding this land is what put a fire under us to get our previous home back on the market and sell.  As soon as we opened escrow on our previous home we jumped! Met with the agent who happened to be the owners friend, who happened to be the house directly in front of one our properties, and the agent also happens to live across the street. We couldn’t ask for better neighbors. I mean one of the main purposes was to not have any “neighbors” at least in the suburban sense. And now we ended up two really sweet, awesome, kind, will do anything for you, neighbors. Who live and preserve the lifestyle we specifically left the city for. To live self sustained but within a community that benefits and helps each other. The agent also said something during our first meeting that sold me; they just did the zoning maps and this neighborhood was one of the few that kept their rural 1 label AND prohibits any land under 5 acres. meaning, someone can’t buy the 5 acres adjacent to us and subdivide that to smaller lots creating more “neighbors”! I mean can this get any better? Lady, just take my money already!!!!! THESE are the things money can’t buy, THESE are the things you can’t put a price tag on.

Wednesday got the notification that we closed escrow and we now own this. This land belongs to us. For us to nurture and preserve. For us to live and grow on. So naturally Chris and I grabbed a 12 pack of Miller Light, some pizza, our chairs and went and had our very first dinner at HOME! Saturday we meet with our builder.

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