Two Days of Rest Later…….

Well after two days of being posted up on the couch with a heating pad I feel much better. The pain has subsided and I feel back to normal. Just when you think you are indestructable something happens that knocks you down, I call this life! And it happens in every aspect of it! You just have to learn to roll with it, learn from every experience and move on! From this I have learned that it is not necessary for me to push myself beyond my limits at this time. I do not have anybody to impress but myself or rules to follow but my own. I am not giving up, I am not going to stop living my life out of fear. I will adjust and move forward.

From now on I will not be doing any challenges that does not allow for rest days. I will continue to listen to my body and give it the time and rest I need in order to completely heal without complications. Anything that happens at this point is my responsiblity. I am still learning how to treat my body!

Starting out easy with a walk tonight. I have also made the decision that as much as I dislike yoga its time to incorporate it into my life. Yoga is the best recovery workout and will help me with stretching and stregthning the areas that are now scar tissue without causing so much inflammation as weight lifitng has. Weight lifting is by far my favorite exercise, it will be hard to not revolve my entire workouts around it, but in order to remain healthy I must make lifting secondary, at least for now.